The 74th JSES Annual Meeting

The JSES English Special Session will be held during the 74th JSES Annual Meeting on September 10th & 11th, 2022. We welcome applicants (JSES members) who are willing to disseminate research findings in various fields of Educational Sociology to the international audience. Please note that applications to this English Special Session cannot apply for concurrent sessions held in Japanese.


About the Session

(1) Date and time: To be announced.

(2) Language (oral presentation): Mainly in English.

(3) Language (abstract and presentation materials): English.

(4) Length of one presentation: 25 minutes (20 minutes presentation and 5 minutes discussion.)



Please follow the three steps as below.

(1) Submit your application from the general application system for the 74th JSES Annual Meeting, SOLTI  (prepared for JSES Members only in Japanese). Deadlines for registration and submission of abstracts are the same as other general Sessions.  Select “28. English Special Session” as a first choice, and then “29. English Special Session” as a second choice in the [Session Number / Session Name] selection. This process is just for the sake of convenience in the SOLTI system. By doing so, you are asked to refrain from choosing all other concurrent sessions. Once your application is successfully accepted, you will receive a confirmation email from the SOLTI system.


Application Period: From May 9th to June 6th (by 6:00pm, JST)

Abstract Submission Period: From July 15th to August 15th (by 6:00pm, JST)


(2) Download the template from here and refer to a sample of the English abstract from here.

(3) Submit your English abstract from the URL in the confirmation email.



Directorate of International Affairs: