The 75th JSES Annual Meeting

The JSES English Special Session will be held during the 75th JSES Annual Meeting (September 9-10, 2023, Hirosaki University). We welcome applicants (JSES members and invited speakers from abroad) who are willing to disseminate research findings in various fields of Sociology of Education to the international audience.


About the English Special Session

(1) Date and time: Concurrent with Japanese General Sessions

(2) Language (oral presentation): Mainly in English.

(3) Language (abstract and presentation materials): English (Follow the English Special Session template downloadable from the JSES website:

(4) Length of one presentation: 25 minutes (20 minutes presentation and 5 minutes discussion)



Starting from this year’s Meeting, it is now possible to choose the English Special Session as your first choice and one of the General Japanese Sections as your second choice.

Please follow the following steps.


(1) Please go to the general application system for the 75th JSES Annual Meeting, SOLTI (prepared for JSES Members only in Japanese). Please select “29. English Special Session” as your first choice, and then choose one of the General Japanese Sections as your second choice. If you do not wish to apply for the General Japanese Session, please select “30. English Special Session only” for your second choice.


# Please note that, in principle, the language of presentation must be English for the English Special Session and Japanese for the General Japanese Sessions. In the application for the English Special Section (Application Period: May 8-June 1), the name and affiliation of the presenter and the title of the presentation should be written both in English and Japanese. We will inform you as soon as possible after June 17 whether your presentation will be in the English Special Section or the General Section.


(2) Please prepare your abstract in the language of the appropriate section and submit it via the 75th JSES Annual Meeting website or through the Directorate of International Affairs Committee contact address (Abstract Submission Period: July 14-August 14). You can download the template from here and refer to a sample of the English abstract from here.



For NON-JSES international participants: The application process is different from that of JSES members. Please contact us at the e-mail address below. More information can also be found here.



Directorate of International Affairs: